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The Mid-Morning Dump: Dick Vitale, Hall Of Famer of Life

Unbelievable baby!

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CARR CHAMP David Carr adds another title to his resume.

COME PLAY FOR IOWA STATE We have a bridge.

SUCK IT IOWA Iowa State snags infielder, Sophie Maras, from Iowa.

AWARD WATCH LIST SZN Anthony Johnson nominated for the AFCA Good Works Team Award.

BIG CROOT Literally.

THE NIGHT CAP Be sure to check out this week’s episode for some realignment talk with a special guest!

ONE THING The ESPYs happened last night, but the only thing you need to see is Dick Vitale winning the Jimmy V Courage Award.

ANOTHER PULL ON THE HEART STRINGS Clayton Kershaw makes this 10-year-old’s day/week/month/year/life.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE You can now buy Bobby Bonilla’s contract!