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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tin Foil Hat Szn

The most wonderful time of the year, I guess.

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JAMIE’S BRIDGE The bridge over University Ave is coming along nicely.

BUY YOUR TICKETS Tickets went on sale yesterday for sports in Hilton.

ALL-BIG 12 Iowa State gets four nods for the All-Big 12 Preseason Team.

THE NIGHT CAP Be sure to check out this week’s episode for our thoughts on conference realignment!

YANKEES ARE MEAN But good at baseball.

CAROLINA LEGEND BAKER MAYFIELD Joel Lanning’s son will be heading to the Panthers.

SHOTIME Shohei Ohtani breaks another record someone made up.

PRISON OR JAIL I was told Aaron Rodgers did not like needles.

SEC Should the most powerful conference look to expand?