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The Mid-Morning Dump: Decoldest AC Units in Lincoln, Nebraska

The NIL Deal We’ve All Been Waiting For

BRIIIIIIIIDGE It gets the people going.

THE LITECAST The Litecast crew, myself included, did a game-by-game preview of the upcoming season. Thank me when I get every pick right.

TOUGH MISS Highly touted tight end prospect, Kenyon Sadiq, chose the losers of the 20201 Fiesta Bowl, and not the winners. I like winners.

DECOLDEST Yes. Just yes.

PRESEASON POWER RANKINGS I’m not even sure if you have to look at who’s listed where, you probably already have a good idea. But football is fun, and it’s almost here.

EASY MONEY Cash them checks my guy.

WELL, THIS IS DUMB John Calipari called Kentucky a basketball school, because duh, and one of the former Hawkeye Stoopses got all mad about it. Kentucky is a basketball school, you dope.

FANTASY PRIMER From the first round, to the last, The Ringer has you covered in your fantasy football draft for the best value for each round.


CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK Only a few weeks remain of the MiLB logo tour. We are headed to Normal, for an abnormal logo. The Corn Belters’ logo look like they just woke up on E University after an East Siders Night at the Iowa State Fair. Lovely.