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Litecast: Omaha Commits, The Pac 12 Is Not Mad, & Some Football ASMR

Plus a RAGBRAI recap and some more sweet corn talk!

Matt, Dylan, and Austin are all back together on this week’s episode for a RAGBRAI recap, prepping for this week’s hot weather, and a debate on the proper way to enjoy sweet corn. Then, the guys break down 5-star Omaha Biliew committing to Iowa State and what it means right now plus the future implications for TJ Otzelberger’s program. We also recap Pac-12 media day and the commissioner is totally not mad at the Big 12. Don’t say he’s mad about the Big 12. There’s also some talk about the insane new timing rules for college basketball, a bridge update, and some tailgating ASMR as we’re closing in on the start of football season. Presented as always by Es Tas Bar & Grill!