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The Noon Dump: San Soto

The Slugger is Headed Out West

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MEDIA DAYS Get ready for coach talk, questions from Uncle Randy, and maybe 0.5 of your many questions about Iowa State football being answered.

THE LITECAST We finally got to talk about Otz’s biggest recruiting win, sweet corn, and the PAC-12 is obsessed with the Big 12.

STROLL DOWN MEMORY LANE Austin Keeney and the WRNL staff are looking at the best 10 wins of the Matt Campbell era, so far. Today, the Liberty Bowl.

BIG DADDY MATTHIAS WRNL’s very own shared some exciting news. Congrats to the Schwartzkopf family.

ALL IN The Padres are going for it. Juan Soto is headed to San Diego after a trade to the Cardinals goes to the wayside.

TRADE DEADLINE It’s crazy as a fan, but even crazier for the players.

FATHER AND SON King James and the first family of the NBA could be on its way.

IF I MAY Industry on HBO has become one of my favorite TV shows. I get none of the stock broking jargon, but a bunch of London 20-somes trying to navigate it is electric. Make sure the kids are sleeping before you watch it though.

CHECK IT OUT I rarely plug my own work, but this story is too good to not share. A local Iowan kid with a tremendous comeback story culminating at Knoxville Raceway.

MAVS WON THE TRADE? This literally might be the worst list ever listed.

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK From Rumble Ponies to Sod Poodles. The MiLB tour of obscure logos continues, this week to Amarillo, Texas. I’m not sure what a Sod Poodle is, but it makes for a pretty damn cool baseball logo.