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The Mid-Morning Dump: 14 Days Until Cyclone Football

College football kicks off Thursday

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JAKE REMSBURG INJURY UPDATE. Need to get him healthy.

FIVE BOLD PREDICTIONS. For the 2022 season.


OTHER CYDE. Another good one with softballer Camille Marin.

BIG 12 SOCCER BATTLE. Arizona beats the lady Cyclones.

POSITION SWITCH. For DB Darien Porter.

WORLD RECORD. Cornhole tournament at the Iowa State Fair.

BLOCK OR CHARGE? NFL fans are debating the cleanliness of this hit.

STRUGGLING YANKEES BOOED. Such a shame i feel so bad for them.

NETS “DON’T TRUST KYRIE”. In other news, the sun rises in the east.

FANTASY DEEP SLEEPERS. For the 2022 football season.

SURPRISING SUPER BOWL RUN. Which teams are capable?

PUNT SO GOOD. That he got drug tested. Somewhere, Kirk Ferentz has a woody.

PRESEASON WEEK 2 HIGHLIGHTS. If you’re a sicko and are into that sort of thing.

CANTLAY WINS BMW. And is primed to mount a FedEx Cup title defense.

PUJOLS NEARING 700. And says he doesn’t plan on stopping.