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Litecast: The Last Episode of the 2022 Offseason

B1G TV money, Cyclones in the preseason, and picking week 0!

Austin, Matt, and Dylan return for the last episode of the offseason but there’s still a lot to talk about. We start with a fun hypothetical of the worst possible coaching job to have (it’s Texas). Or maybe the best (also Texas for that sweet buyout cash). We then discuss the Big Ten’s new TV deals with Fox, CBS, and NBC with some winners and losers talk, plus what it might mean for the future media deal for the Big 12. There’s also talk of what network or streamer would be the best partner for our conference. We then wrap around some Cyclones in the NFL preseason and finish with the debut of our 2022 picks segment. Spoiler alert: Week 0 is a truly dreadful slate of games for the sickos and we can’t wait to watch all of them. Presented by Es Tas Bar & Grill!