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The Mid-Morning Dump: Ames’ Hottest New Club

No not that kind of club

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AMES NIL CLUB Join to support the whole team!

A REAL NAIL-BITER Stephanie really “Soare”d in this game... haha get it

LIZARD KING Cyclone legend Lazard has made his goals clear.

TROUBLE IN MIAMI The Dolphins are being forced to give up draft picks after tampering.

FEEL GOOD STORY After 10 years in the minors, Meneses starts off with a bang.

WHAT HAPPENED WITH DURANT If you are wondering what the result of all those Durant rumors is, here is an update.

YOUNG STAR LOCKED TILL 28 One of England’s finest has signed an extension with one of the worlds top clubs.

BIG MOVES FOR THE MLS Recently two MLS clubs have done deals with global powerhouses Barcelona and Chelsea.

DEADLINE NEWS Check to see if your team was a winner or loser in the MLB trade deadline.