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The Mid-Morning Dump: Football is back

The king is back on its throne.

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DAY ONE Iowa State football has their first day under their belts.

NEW LEADER Iowa State Senior Jaren Holmes speaks about being at ISU.

MCSACK Nobody better.

DOMINATION Stephanie Soares helps Brazil win by 60+.

L + RATIO + BOZO PAC 12 Who let Cyclone Larry get the password to the Big 12 Twitter?

CAN’T CATCH A BREAK After spending a majority of last season injured, Paige Bueckers announced that she has torn her ACL and will not play in the 2022-23 season.

FOOTBALL IS BACK Mama, we made it.

YEAR SUSPENSION? The NFL is appealing the decision that landed Deshaun Watson a 6 game suspension to make it longer.

IS HE A DAWG OR A PROBLEM? Trevor Penning got kicked out of training camp.