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The Mid-Morning Dump: Fishing With Dynamite

Otz and Company Stay Hot on the Recruiting Trail

FISHY From MoKan Elite to Iowa State. Omaha and Kayden will be teammates at the next level too.

ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL Football is a weird sport. You can be 6’7 or 5’7 and still be crazy good at the game.

I CAN SMELL IT We are dangerously close to football season folks

TROUBLE IN BEAR-ADISE Roquan Smith has had enough of Chicago.

THE NETS MINUTE I’m in hell. I want to get out. Brooklyn is dead.

NETS MINUTE PT. 2 Something about a bug and a windshield.

CUBS Another player from 2016 on his way out, one less player in Chicago I know.

JERSEY WATCH Since Nike took over the NBA, uniforms have changed almost too quickly. They gotta let some of the classics breathe, like Miami Vice, and a variety of 90’s throwback uniforms.

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK As the summer draws closer to an end, the MiLB tour brakes for no man. The Bluefield Ridge Runners ask the bold question: What if our logo was a pissed off ‘Thomas the Train’. And here’s the answer.