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CYCLONE STATE: Iowa State beats Iowa, 10-7

Cyclone State!

Syndication: The Des Moines Register Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

Welcome to the Aiden Wyatt recap, where I give you my raw thoughts as the game goes on. If you don’t like it, I don’t really care.

Iowa State travels to Iowa City to take on the Iowa Hawkeyes, led by Tory Taylor. Cyclones are coming off of a relaxing 42-10 win over SEMO, while Iowa recently escaped from South Dakota State. It’s a gloomy day in Iowa City (like always), Clones are 3.5-point dogs, let’s get weird.

Hunter Dekkers and company set up shop at their own 25 yard line for the first possession of the 69th addition of the CyHawk Series. After a 3-and-out, Iowa breaks through to block the punt of Tyler Perkins, they take over at the 16 yard line. It took just 2 plays for Leshon Williams to get into the endzone as the Hawkeyes lead 7-0 just under 3 minutes into the game. Not great, Bob.

The Cyclones would get some stuff going on possession number two of the day, but a false start penalty stunted the drive and ISU was forced to punt again. Perkins is able to get this one off, Hawkeyes get the ball at their own 19 yard line. Get this - Iowa has to punt just 4 plays later. Cyclones ball, 85 yards to go. Dekkers force feeding Xavier Hutchinson, three straight targets with only one first down to show for it off a tipped ball. Jirehl Brock makes a great play on a 3rd and 4 to retain the possession and get the first down. Next set of downs sees the Cyclones punt - touchback. Iowa is able to put a drive together that is aided by a pass interference call around midfield. GERRY VAUGHN FORCES A FUMBLE AND WILL MCDONALD IS ON IT! CYCLONE FOOTBALL IN IOWA TERRITORY! First time since 2015 that Iowa has turned the ball over in this series. Clonies in business as the first quarter comes to a close.

A heavy dosage of Jirehl Brock has Iowa State slowly creeping into the red zone. 3rd and goal from the 9 yard line sees an Iowa defensive holding to give Iowa State more life from the 4 yard line. Two plays later, Jirehl Brock coughs up the football and Iowa recovers in the endzone. Can’t make this stuff up. Cyclones force a punt, they’ll take over at the 20 after a touchback. More X and Jirehl on tap for ISU as they approach midfield before we have a Sean Shaw first down to get into Iowa territory. Aidan Bitter with one of the more impressive toe-tap catches to keep the drive alive on 3rd down before Xavier Hutchinson makes another impressive grab at the 5 yard line. Iowa State would be forced to send out the field goal unit, though it wasn’t pretty it goes through the uprights. 7-3 Iowa with 3:45 left in the first half.

Jon Heacock dials up the 3-and-out to get Iowa State the ball back in their own 27 yard line with 2:37 left in the half. Cyclones fail to gain a yard and give Iowa the ball back with 1:53 left in the half with 84 yards to go. A 53 yard punt from Tyler Perkins. On 3rd and 8 Spencer Petras throws a Petras ball and Colby Reeder picks it off! Cyclone football on the 12 yard line with 1:33 left in the half! Hunter Dekkers returns the favor just two plays later as Cooper DeJean picks off a ball intended for Xavier Hutchinson. Second turnover in the redzone for ISU. That would take us to the half, 7-3 Iowa. Cyclones outgaining Iowa 180-86 through two quarters.

Iowa receives the opening kick in the 2nd half, where Riley Moss returns it out to the 33 yard line. 3-and-out once again. Cyclones start their first possession of the second half from their own 20. Jirehl Brock opens up the drive with a 14 yard run before back to back catches from Dimitri Stanley to set up 3rd and 1 from the 43 yard line. Dekkers is then intercepted by Terry Roberts and Iowa takes over from their own 49. Paaaaiiiinnnnn. Luckily, Iowa State is able to force another 3-and-out. Tory Taylor pins ISU deep, kick goes out of bounds at the 5 yard line. Cyclones forced to punt again. Blocked again. Hawkeye football at the 20 yard line. A full back dive from Iowa’s Monte Pottebaum is fumbled and recovered by Kendall Jackson! Cyclone ball inside their own 1 yard line. Iowa State is able to get the run game going and some help from an Iowa penalty gives them some breathing room. Jaylin Noel and Xavier Hutchinson both coming up with big catches on 3rd downs to keep the drive alive. At the end of three quarters, Iowa still leads, 7-3. PLAY THAT TOM PETTY MUSIC!

Cyclones creep into Iowa territory early in the final stanza. Another 3rd down conversion to Xavier Hutchinson has Iowa State on Iowa’s 35 yard line. Guess who on 3rd and 5? X gon’ give it to ya’. Fifth 3rd down conversion of the drive. Dekkers gets the corner on a first down run that gets some extra yardage from a late hit by the Hawks. 1st and 10 now from inside the 11 yard line. 3rd and 7, Dekkers takes the snap and has Xavier Hutchinson wide open in the endzone, touchdown! The classy Iowa fans decided it was time to throw beer on the field, a tradition unlike any other at Kinnick. Cyclones take the lead on a 21 play, 99 yard drive that ate up 11 minutes and 49 seconds. 8:27 to play, Iowa State leads, 10-7.

Iowa will get the ball from their own 25 yard line. Iowa State sits still on a reverse to force Iowa into a 3rd in 5, in which they don’t convert. Cyclone football from their own 29 yard line, 7 minutes to go. Jirehl Brock gets a gigantic first down after a pair of Iowa State timouts on 3rd and 1. By the nose of the football, Iowa State keeps the drive alive. After draining some clock, the importance of a good snap and a good punt ensuing. Perkins gets it off after a good snap from Connor Guess, down at the 21 yard line. Hawkeye ball with 3:06 remaining, 10-7, Cyclones. After one first down, it is quickly 3rd and 10 for Iowa. Incomplete! TJ Tampa on the coverage and we have a 4th and 10. 2:25 to play, they’ll go for it. Incomplete! Cyclone football! 2:18 to play and Iowa State takes over! Cyclones would face a 4th and 4 after draining more clock. A fade route to Xavier Hutchinson as he draws a defensive pass interference, but waved off.

Hawkeye football with 38 ticks left from the 27 yard line. A 16 yard completion moves the ball for Iowa on their biggest play of the day. Petras intentially spikes it (hard to tell if it was on purpose) to stop the clock with 15 seconds left from their own 41. Petras fumbles and Will Mcdonald is on it! Cyclones win it! An offside and unsportsmanlike conduct gets Iowa in Iowa State’s territory. 9 seconds left. Iowa completes a pass to LaPorta to get Iowa in range for a 47 yarder. Kick on the way and it issssssss....NO GOOD! IOWA STATE WINS IT! IT’S A CYCLONE STATE! 10-7 CYCLONES! HAPPY TEARS AND HAPPY BEERS!

Unbelievable. Iowa State gets over the hump. It was ugly, but man was it fun.

Cyclones are back in action next weekend back in Ames against Ohio.