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The Mid-Morning Dump: Sweet, Sweet CyHawk Victory

The streak is over

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GAME RECAP. Finally, a win over the Iowa Hawkeyes.

THE DRIVE. Read all about the drive that changed the game

MAILBAG? Uncle Randy has one for you.

CYHAWK VOLLEYBALL. Good win here from the ladies over Iowa

CAMPBELL POSTGAME. Watch a very happy Matt Campbell postgame

HAWKEYE TEARS. It’s hard to listen too, but it’s ok to do it just this once

DAK DOWN. An ugly injury mars an ugly opening loss for Dallas.

GLOBAL WARMING IN LINCOLN. Frost is out, fired after a home loss to Georgia Southern.

ALBERT ALBERT ALBERT. 3 Alberts for a guy who is 3 HRs from 700.

NFL WEEK 1. Takeaways.

PATS IN TROUBLE. And Mac Jones is injured.

CFB WINNERS AND LOSERS. Lots of big home favorites lost this weekend.

FANTASY FOOTBALL. Winners and losers from week 1.

SKOL. The Vikings stuck it to the Packers 23-7.