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The Mid-Morning Dump: Broncos Country, Let’s Ride

Or Kick

WEEKEND RECAP If you’re not taking in all of the CyHawk glory you can get, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s WRNL’s recap, post-mortem, and this week’s episode of The Litecast.

2-0 For the first time in a long time, Iowa State is in this graphic going into week 3.

LOOKING AHEAD Ohio is sandwiched in between an emotional win, and a formidable Baylor team in the Big 12 opener. Let’s take care of business Saturday.

BRONCO COUNTRY, LET’S RIDE The Seahawks got their revenge on former QB Russell Wilson. It helps when Denver opts to kick a near 70-yard field goal.

BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA I would’ve sold a kidney to be there. Bad day to be a former Big 12 school as Nebby, Mizzou, Colorado, and A&M all lost in week 2.

A REVIEW of week 1 in the NFL. My fantasy football teams are 0-2, thanks for asking.

ICYMI The Emmy’s were last night, here’s what happened.

LOCK OF THE WEEK I think I’m going to hold off on Chris Creamer’s sports logos until the Spring-Summer and lean into my degenerate gambling. Each week I’m going to pick a lock and keep track of my record.

We’re starting off with the Keeney Special. Interim coaches are a cheat code. I love Nebraska covering +11.5 against OU in Lincoln. They’ll lose, but they’ll keep it 10 or closer.

Nebraska +11.5=Lock