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The Mid-Morning Dump: Don’t let the door hit you, Texas and OU

Get out, nerds!

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CALL OF THE GAME John Walters and the fellas had a great week in the booth, check out their call of the game!

KEEP IT WITH JOHN Here are his keys to the game!

CYCLONE LEGEND INCOMING Listen to what Coach Campbell has to say about Jirehl Brock.

TRUST THE PROCESS Jared Rus is a proven leader.

GOOD RIDDANCE Texas and Oklahoma might dip from the Big 12 early.


FAVRE TO PRISON? He’s gonna tear it up The Longest Yard style.

LITTLE LEAGUE HOMERUN Gleybor Torres gets a homerun the old-fashioned way.

“ISN’T RIGHT” LeBron speaks up about the NBA’s decision about the Suns' GM.