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2022 Tailgate Preview I: SEMO

The first tailgate of the season!

The Ames Tribune

Happy football season, babies! The season ahead holds many unknowns, but one thing is for sure - we are an elite tailgating fan base. And even if you’re in a new spot this year, Saturday promises to have plenty of food, drinks, and football to kick off the most wonderful time of the year!

Weather - Warm, sunny, rain-free

All in all, Saturday looks to be a very nice day. A high of 81 will feel downright cool after some hot days to end the week and the humidity should be comfortable. Sweatshirt weather it will not be, but I don’t think you’ll be sweating through your clothes either. Remember that 1:00 sun in Jack Trice can feel mighty toasty, so dress cool and don’t forget your sunscreen. The last thing you want on Sunday morning is a burn to go with your hangover.

Food - Football Stadium Cookies

I pinned these cookies months ago with the best intentions to make them for the first tailgate of the season. Reality came around to dash my hopes with a packed schedule and not a free moment to whip up anything homemade (we’re probably bringing chips) but I cannot get over how adorable these are and I knew you’d like them, too.

Drink - Raspberry Beer Cocktail

Nights have been cool and football is very close to being in full swing, but it is actually still summer for a few more weeks. This delicious beer cocktail is light and bubbly and tasty and almost a little quenching. You can also make a whole bunch and serve a crowd if you are in the sharing mood. If I were in charge, I’d call this a “Raspbeery Cocktail” but no one asked me.

Game - Light Beer Challenge

We all know someone who swears they only like a certain kind of beer and that all other kinds are trash, so my tailgate crew developed a little game a few years ago to shut everyone up. I don’t really have rules for this one, but basically the idea is to set up a blind taste test of light beers and see who can guess the most correctly. If everyone brings a six pack of an assigned beer, you’ll get a nice variety and while you’re taste testing and guessing, you’ll also be suddenly quite drunk.

Song - “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

The pedestrian bridge needs some recognition on its big opening weekend, so I came up with a pretty solid list of bridge songs…there’s more than you think. Since this is every 35-50 year old male’s favorite song, I think it will be well received at your tailgate.