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The Mid-Morning Dump: Come On Down to CyTown

Pollard & Lights District is Officially Announced

CYTOWN Iowa State is getting a second main street of sorts. Inspired by the P&L District in Kansas City, and Title Town in Green Bay, Iowa State tailgating is soon to change.

WIDE RIGHT NATTY LAND Here’s an article I worked on yesterday, as well as a whole host of pieces from this weekend. The recap, post-mortem, and a new podcast episode of ‘From the Other Cyde’.

BIG 12 OPENER Probably the best measurement for what this Cyclone team is made out of. Jack Trice has been a tough place for opposing teams during the Campbell era. Make sure you get your tickets locked up.

DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y’ALL The Buffalo Bills dominated against the Titans. Josh Allen and the Bills are a force to be reckoned with.

DOUBLE HEADER I’m sure Monday Night would’ve wished for a couple more competitive matchups. Eagles beat the Vikings like it was an NFC Championship Game... too soon?

A LOOK BACK AT WEEK 3 Beyond all the blowouts, week 3 was a lot of fun. The Sun- ahem Fun Belt remains the best conference in college football.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT To bet the under. 4th quarters were not kind to the under play this weekend.

A WEDDING? During football season? Remind me to never attend a wedding in the Game of Thrones universe.

LOCK OF THE WEEK Beginner’s misluck. So what Oklahoma killed Nebraska twice over? This week we right the ship. We’re staying Big 12 adjacent in a primetime basketball game, both schools are undefeated, blue bloods... Oh it’s September? Kansas is favored -7.5 against the Dukey Blue Devils, and I’m all abord the Kansas hype train. If this gets to -7, I really like it, but give me KU here.

Lock of the week: 0-1