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2022 Tailgate Preview III: Baylor

Baylor? I hardly know her.

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Big 12 play kicks off Saturday morning with the third home game of the season. By now you’ve adjusted to your new tailgating spot, made some new friends, and I know you’re ready to start off conference play with a bang. While you may not be excited about the time slot, I know you’re excited about our undefeated Cyclones, so let’s get to it!

Weather - Simply perfect

Oooooo, baby. It’s going to be a gorgeous day. With an 11:00 a.m. kickoff, you’ll likely be starting your day bright and early, so definitely plan layers for a chilly fall morning. But around the time you’re heading in to JTS, the sun will be shining and the day will be warming up to a comfortable temperature. The tailgating weather gods will be smiling on us post game with sunshine, a light wind, and not a rain cloud in sight.

Food - Breakfast Sliders

In the spirit of leaning into an 11:00 a.m. game, whip up these little breakfast sliders and delight all your friends and family. Breakfast sandwiches always sounds delicious, so these are likely a win for any game, any time. Plus, they’re easy to change according to your tastes. Not a ham person? Breakfast sausage would be a great substitution. Change up the cheese, toss some diced peppers into those eggs. The opportunities are endless and I’m certain they’ll be all gobbled up by game time.

Drink - Bloody Mary

So...I was searching for a great Bloody Mary recipe (because while I love them, I don’t make them) and came across this photo from...the Oriental Trading website? And there’s also a very detailed recipe with photos to guide you along. That is quite possibly the last place I would have looked for a tailgating recipe, but it seems like a legitimate option. Honestly, if you served me a Bloody Mary with a soft pretzel, I’d likely propose marriage.

Game - 500

At recess the other day, a group of kids spontaneously started playing this game I’d completely forgotten existed. Do you remember this one? Here are the very easy rules. It’s such a fun variation on simply playing catch and can include a lot more people. It’s kind of competitive but also a bit of silly fun and I can see this being a blast with a group of adults (and if you’re tailgating with kids, they will absolutely LOVE it). You’ll need to find some open space to play, but all you need is a football and you’re all set. Be ready for some serious throwback to elementary school fun.

Song - Water Under the Bridge

“Is she ever going to stop with the bridge song shtick?”