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Lets Go Pod-y: Baylor Bears

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Allstate Sugar Bowl - Baylor v Ole Miss Photo by Chris McDill/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Podcast: The Our Daily Bears Podcast

Welcome to another year of “Let’s Go Pod-y” where I listen to podcasts from our upcoming opponent and give you the breakdown. It’s the first week back so I’m giving you TWO Baylor pods, the first fairly sane, the second ... something special. Enjoy.

Podcast: Our Daily Bears Podcast

Pod Length: 1 hour 30 mins, although the Iowa State talk doesn’t start until the 49 min mark.


“Really excited for this game, because we’re gonna know at the end of it where our team [Baylor] is”

On Ames

“That’s just a tough place for us to play man”

“It’ll be a pretty hostile environment, ranked team coming in, their fans will by pretty hyped for that”

“I prefer [kickoff] early in the day, given their crowd can be pretty rowdy, pretty raucous, an 11am game, it can be a challenge for them to get up for that in the morning”

On ISU Offense

“Iowa State had lost a ton of their firepower, but they have reloaded nicely on offense it would seem”

On Hunter Dekkers

“Somewhat of an upgrade over Brock Purdy? Maybe? At least through 3 games?”

“I don’t think Dekkers is much of a running threat”

On ISU running game

One thing Iowa State has had, is they’ve had ‘alphas’ at runningback, they went from David Montgomery to Breece Hall. Jirihl Brock is solid, but he’s not what you’re gonna call an ‘alpha’.”

“Brock has 50 carries, 280 yards on the season … he’s been the guy since Game 1, he’s definitely not a David Montgomery or Breece Hall back there”

[Note: Brock is currently 4th in the Big 12 in rushing yards and averaging 5.6 ypc]

On X

“He’s the class of this ISU offense, he’s an NFL wide receiver, probably the best in the Big 12. For sure top 5”

“He’s my chief concern from a defensive side, our defense is effective at stopping the run … we’re gonna need to see our secondary step up in a big way”

On Baylor Defense

“We’ve gotta find a way to get some pressure, that’s the piece we’re missing so far”

“We haven’t ran anything ‘exotic’ so far … haven’t been getting pressure on the quarterbacks”

On ISU Defense

“Interesting lineup, 3-3-3 defense, but not a stack apparently. ‘breaks a lot of the stack rules’, what are the stack rules? Do you know what the stack rules are?”

“Used to be really unique, not as unique anymore”

“Because of their personnel they can shift from a 3 down lineman look to a 4 without changing personnel, which can be problematic for offenses trying to find themselves like Baylor’s is early in the season”

“This is a defense that will give you short yardage both in the run game and the passing game … they will let you make your own mistakes”

On Matt Campbell

“Campbell’s got a system going now, it’s a lot of new names, but it’s the same ethos, the same identity”


“I can see this being a bit of a rock fight … it’s a race to 24-25 points. No one is going to run away and hide offensively in this game”

“I think they’ll be a tough match up for us on the road, I think Iowa State wins unfortunately”

“I think we’ll see some new wrinkles … this will be an absolute slugfest … QB and WRs will be unfazed by the hostile environment and Baylor wins”

“Close game, but Baylor wins”


BONUS POD: Between Two Bears

Pod Length: 42 mins - only a little Iowa State chatter starting around the 33 min mark, but it’s spicy to say the least.

On Iowa State

“They got a lot of thick ass white dudes with long hair, they don’t scare me”

On Iowa State Defense

“Has their defense ever really held down a GOOD offense?”

“The 3-3-5 is a solved problem, people have solved it ... they were the 1st team to run [it] & they did it well ... but we’re a power run league now & unless you have all-conference dudes at nosetackle that can wash offensive line, you’re gonna have teams go for 4 or 5 yards a carry, that’s where they’re at”

On MFK with Lance Liepold, Matt Campbell & Matt Rhule

“I’m gonna kill Matt Campbell, because he’s a fraud”

Game Predictions

“This game is annoying ... but we’re better at football than them, so I think we’ll win be a touchdown”

“And if we lose, I don’t think we lost because Iowa State was better than us, it’ll be because some weird shit happens, some sicko shit, some bullshit referee call”

Just because they’re dickheads apparently

“The tents are my favorite memory”