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The Mid-Morning Dump: Wacky Weekend in College Football

Cyclones move to 3-1 and move on to Kansas

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GAME RECAP. Iowa State came up short against Baylor on Saturday.

ON TO KANSAS. It’s time to look ahead to the dangerous Jayhawks.

MAILBAG. Answers to the questions of the people.

DEFENSIVE LESSONS LEARNED. Good look at what the defense can take away from this game.

FROM THE OTHER CYDE. All aboard the Kane Trane!

SOCCOR LOSS. To WVU on Sunday.

VOLLEYBALL LOSS. The ladies dropped one to TCU.

NFL WINNERS AND LOSERS. From a weekend in which Miami moved to 3-0 and the Raiders moved to 0-3.

NFL WEEK 3 TAKEAWAYS. Are the Jaguars back?

NOT A PSYCHOPATH. Ken Dorsey broke an iPad after the Bills lost to the Dolphins.

PRO BOWL TOAST. Will now be a skills competition and a flag football game.

MAHOMES WHINES LIKE A BABY. Gets mad at his offensive coordinator.

JIMMY NOT A G. The 49ers took a very ugly loss to Bronco Nation.

BASEBALL. Aaron Judge is still on 60 home runs, and ESPN kept cutting to it instead of showing Wake Forest - Clemson.


ROCKY TOP. Tennessee knocked off Florida at home.

PURPLE KANSAS. Knocked off Oklahoma because they always do.

TEXAS IS BACK. To losing to Texas Tech.

ARKANSAS. The Hawgs lost in the dumbest fashion.