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This Week in GIFs: Iowa State Comes Up Short Against Baylor

Tough home loss to a very good Baylor team

Ohio v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Well, it didn’t take long for the officials to insert themselves into this ballgame.

On the 4th play of the game, Beau Freyler came flying in for a nice hit only to be tossed on a weak ass targeting call.

Which was followed by an absolutely vicious Colby Reeder hit that definitely deserved the unnecessary roughness flag.

Baylor would score, but Iowa State would go 75 yards unassisted by the officials to tie the game.

But the officials weren’t done with us, no sir. They made quite possibly the worst low-block call of all time, giving Baylor another touchdown.

Matt Campbell was so upset that he called a timeout just to berate the refs.

Before long it was 17-7, which didn’t feel great.

But a Dimitri Stanley touchdown before halftime had us calmed down.

The second half did not go very well.

Tom Manning was watching his offense struggle with the plays he called like:

Two Hunter Dekkers interceptions didn’t help things.

Honestly, Baylor is just really good at defense, and called a perfect game.

Jirehl Brock made it interesting after replay determined he fumbled into the end zone but recovered it in-bounds (?!?).

John Walters and Eric Heft reading the rule book on air trying to figure out what targeting actually is:

Live look at that officiating crew traveling home from the game:

Ultimately, Baylor was the better team and just beat Iowa State.