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The Mid-Morning Dump: 3-1 Iowa State v. 4-0 Kansas

Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here

BUT FIRST Baylor won. Whatever, I’m over it. WRNL has all the bases covered, Matt’s spicy recap, post-mortem, and even a new episode of the Litecast.

ON TO KANSAS Moving vigirously forward, I’m just a little scared out of my mind of this guy. Iowa State has not done well to contain mobile QB’s.

SEC CHALLENGE Mizzou? Again? Well, at least it should be an easy win, I guess.

ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? Welcome to the NCAA where there are no rules as long as you have the color ‘blue’ in your basketball uniforms. Bring back the tertiary.

HURRICANE SEASON And not the kind that loses to Middle Tennessee State. Jokes aside, hoping all are safe on the other side of this storm.

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK A couple of young QB’s have made their mark in the win columns early this season.

LARYS STRONG, MERCY That dude is built different. He’s gotten out to a safe lead as my favorite character so far.

THIS LEAGUE Is only a month from tipping off, what to keep an eye on as the NBA season draws near.

YES This is the best athlete yearbook-esque photos of all time. I love everything about it.

TRAE YOUNG WOULD NEVER Luka is set to break the record for most ‘whines’ in a single NBA season.

LOCK OF THE WEEK Back on the horse and we’re 1-1. Texas just got PUSHED out of Lubbock and will be looking for revenge in Austin. UT is -8.5 against a shaky WVU team, I like the Longhorns taking this one with some style points, Horns Down though.