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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 5

Texas Tech and Kansas trend upwards in the new rankings

Week 4 was full of all kinds of chaos for us, the fans. We had upsets, horrible targeting calls once again, more upsets and plenty of horns downs to enjoy. We have a juicy slate this week, with multiple teams looking for a bounce-back win.

10. West Virginia

2022 record: 2-2

In one of West Virginia’s better games, the Mountaineers were able to take down their rivals, Virginia Tech 33-10. The offense and defense both showed up together which hasn’t really happened this year besides the Towson win. This West Virginia team is a solid football team, but the depths of the Big 12 are just too much. Now they travel to Austin to face Texas who is coming off a tough loss last week. Texas is almost favored by 10 points in this game, and I think they win as well.

9. TCU

2022 record: 3-0

How does TCU get rewarded for going on the road and beating SMU? Well, they get moved down to the ninth spot in the rankings. The defense was below average all game long but did manage to get two picks. It does seem Sonny Dykes has finally chosen his QB for the foreseeable future with Max Duggan who throws for 278 yards and 3 touchdowns. A home game against Oklahoma now awaits them and this will be the Horned Frogs’ first major test of the season.

8. Iowa State

2022 record: 3-1

There was a lot wrong with the Baylor game last Saturday without involving some of the worst calls of all time. The offense did not look great and Baylor was 46% on converting third downs. You simply cannot win football games without getting timely stops. However, if you did a survey with ISU fans and asked how they would feel being 3-1 after 4 games, most of them would take that in seconds. The Cyclones now travel to Lawerence where they are favored against America’s Team.

7. Texas

2022 record: 2-2

Is Texas Back? Nope, and wow did last week have to sting for Texas fans. Hudson Card was fine, Bijan Robinson did have over 100 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns, but also had a major fumble late in the game. The defense that only gave up 20 points to Alabama decided to be absent for this game. A home game against West Virginia should get them in the win column before they move along and face Oklahoma, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Kansas State in their next four games.

6. Texas Tech

2022 record: 3-1

Horns down!!!! What a win for Texas Tech who came back from a 31-17 deficient in the third quarter against Texas. The Longhorn defense that we saw against Alabama in Week 2 was nonexistent in Lubbock. Texas Tech played very well on offense and good enough on defense that they survived the game long enough for Texas to make a mistake.

This was a great game and it gave us moments like these. This all-time moment when I’m pretty sure I saw more horns downs gestures than anything else at the end of that game.

5. Oklahoma

2022 record: 3-1

You literally had one job! Win the game and you were going to be ranked No. 1. But nooooo you wanted to let Adrian Martinez rush for 148 yards and 4 touchdowns. For having a defensive-minded head coach, that game was very embarrassing. Dillon Gabriel did try his best to show out against Martinez throwing for 330 yards and 4 touchdowns of his own, but it was no match. The odds of the Big 12 having a playoff team weren’t great already and this loss didn’t help one bit. Now the Sooners have to travel to Fort Worth and face a hungry TCU squad. Yikes, this could be a tough two-week stretch for Oklahoma.

4. Kansas State

2022 record: 3-1

Hell of a win last week, props to the Wildcats. The Tulane loss still hurts and people still won’t forget about it. That loss keeps you guys out of the top 3 this week, but things look to be better now. Deuce Vaughn continues to be one of the best running backs in the game and it looks like you guys might have the quarterback you expected for this season. Martinez probably has two years left of eligibility left so that’s exciting. Now I would like to move your attention to the photo below. Somehow this photo is real and it makes me laugh every time. It’s 3rd and 16, Martinez is running for a first down and somehow none of the players in this frame tackle him! Trying to run for a first down on 3rd and 16 is already insane, but getting it and then running for 30 more yards into the redzone is unbelievable. Do I now like Adrian Martinez? Yes, and I don’t like myself one bit.

3. Baylor

2022 record: 3-1

Wow, talk about a win in the trenches! It wasn’t easy, but the Baylor Bears went to Ames and ended Iowa State’s home winning streak against Big 12 opponents, which dated back to 2019. Blake Shapen looked sharp with 3 passing touchdowns and the defense contributed with 4 sacks and 2 very lucky interceptions. However, no time to sit and relax as Oklahoma State comes to town and they will be looking for revenge over the Big 12 Championship loss from a year ago. The game is scheduled for 2:30 pm and Baylor is favored by 2 points. It should be one of the best games of the weekend.

2. Kansas

2022 record: 4-0

Just going to sit here and enjoy this moment for America’s Team. Jalon Daniels continues to frighten Big 12 defensives with 5 total touchdowns and 324 passing yards this week. Somehow Kansas State is ranked ahead of them in the AP Poll, but good thing these are the only rankings that matter. Honestly, Kansas might not be a top 2 team in the Big 12, but early in the season, it’s all about timing. I don’t think they are a better football team than Oklahoma, but Kansas is currently playing well right now, while Oklahoma just lost at home to Kansas State (who lost to Tulane a week earlier). Kansas is an underdog on Saturday against Iowa State, which should be an interesting game with Jalon Daniels going up against Jon Heacock’s defense

  1. Oklahoma State

2022 record: 3-0

The Cowboys enjoyed a bye week this past Saturday while preparing for Baylor. Oklahoma State is in a prime revenge game spot after losing that Big 12 Championship last year to Baylor. They had an extra week to prepare and I truly believe the Cowboys can and should win this game. It will be a hot one in Waco, Texas, on Saturday with it expected to be 87 degrees during game time. That heat is some of Baylor’s home-field advantage and it’s a good thing to have. Give me the Cowboys in this Big 12 battle.