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This Week in GIFs: Iowa State Handles Southeast Missouri State

Finally, a boring and uneventful season opener

Southeast Missouri v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images


At a minimum, football at least slowed the endless bridge talk.

SEMO had a long opening drive but nowhere to go on the RPO.

This was my exact reaction when our first offensive series of the year started with a false start.

But all was well as a solid drive ended in a long Xavier Hutchinson touchdown.

After a SEMO punt, X gave it to ‘em again.

Another SEMO punt, another X giving it to ‘em.

While the Cyclones appeared to be cruising, things went sideways quickly.

If I had a dollar for every time a dropped INT lead to an opposing team’s touchdown...

This was immediately followed by an interception, which led to a field goal to make it 21-10.

The second half, thankfully, provided the boringness we all so desired.

Brock and Norton ran wild en route to an easy TD drive.

The Cyclone defense only gave up 52 second half yards.

Hunter Dekkers can really spin it.

The young kids got to play.

And now on to Hate Week.