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Litecast: SEMO Overreactions and the Optimistic/Pessimistic CyHawk Preview

What are our least favorite things about Iowa and will this year’s CyHawk game be any different?

The Litecast is here to recap everything from Iowa State’s opening win over SEMO with a game of Rate the Overreaction. Topics covered include the play of Hunter Dekkers, Xavier Hutchinson, the RBs, the Pac 12’s playoff hopes, and Iowa’s season outlook. Next, it’s time for the preview of the CyHawk game and despite things pointing in Iowa State’s favor, none of us are convinced this year will be any different. Since it is Hate Week we reveal our least favorite things about Iowa’s football program before finishing up with a look at this weekend’s college football slate. This episode is sponsored by a brand new sponsor, Charlie Hustle Clothing Co!