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Mid-Morning Dump: Hate Week

TOE Time

THAT TIME OF YEAR Since it’s in Iowa City, College Gameday chose Austin, Texas. Unsurprising.

THE WALKING HIGHLIGHT REEL I’ve had this on repeat for about 72 hours.

BIG WEEK FOR VOLLEYBALL The Cyclones take on two in-state opponents with Drake and Iowa coming this week.

MiLB UNION Over 50% of minor league baseball players voted to unionize.

CLEMSON COVERS To my dismay. DJ and the Tigers had a rough start enroute to a blowout.

LOL Imagine inviting Alabama to town. Texas is already saying this loss doesn’t define their team.
IT’S A TEAM GAME UNLESS YOUR QB STINKS Here’s a look at the best QB’s in the league ahead of week 1 NFL action.

STREAM WARS Amazon Prime and HBO are going head-to-head with GoT’esque products. My money is on HBO.

TRAE v LUKA TRADE I’ll bet my liver that Trae Young and Team USA never lose to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tough scene for Mavs fans.

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK The MiLB Season is over, and speaking of overs, take as many UNC overs as you can. That defense is MIA, and every team they play might score 40. This logo screams baggy clothes in the early 2000’s.