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Players To Watch: Iowa Hawkeyes

To No Surprise, It Includes a Punter

Southeast Missouri v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Iowa State

Offense Matt Campbell has really leaned into trying to beat the Hawkeyes at their own game. To do that, you’re going to need a good running back. Insert Jirehl Brock.

Brock had a quiet 100-yard game with one touchdown. The Cyclones line did a seemingly good job, but the competition has increased a substantial bit this week. Iowa is likely to have one of the best defenses in the Big 10 including some great linebackers, more on them later.

For Brock to have a good game, the O-Line is going to have to crack the code on how to move the ball against Iowa. And please god can we not turnover the ball five times?

Defense Will McDonald IV, here’s your moment. This is basically turning into an article about lines, but the Hawkeye offensive line looked uncharacteristically bad against South Dakota State. The Jacks weren’t expected to have a great defense, but they looked like the ‘85 Bears against Petras and company.

Which is why I think McDonald IV could have a big game this Saturday. I don’t expect Iowa to pass it unless it’s about a 3rd and 8+, but if McDonald IV can even hurry Petras there’s some turnovers to be forced. We’ll take some sacks though too. I expect McDonald IV to rebound in a big way after a quiet season opener.


Offense Error 404.

Defense Ugh, Jack Campbell. Campbell had a very solid 2021 campaign, and if his home opener was any indication, I don’t expect 2022 to be any different. Campbell had 11 tackles and held the whole defense together. As bad as the offense looked, the defense was nearly the inverse. The Jacks couldn’t move the ball to save their lives.

I’ll still trying to erase the memory of Breece Hall losing the ball after it got punched out by a ghost and flew right into the hands of Jack Campbell. Let’s hope for less CyHawk shenanigans this year.

Punting Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhh.

Taylor put together a 10-punt masterpiece. Averaging almost 50 yards per punt, and SEVEN punts inside the 20. So, we know what’s coming Saturday like we do every year. The offense stinks, the defense is elite, and this game will be determined by field position and the turnover margin. I don’t feel better after typing this. Go State.