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The Cyclones Cruise Past The Wolverines 31-9

David Carr, Marcus Coleman, and Zach Redding led the charge in a decisive victory!

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Iowa State beats Utah Valley 31-9

The Cyclones headed to Utah to take on Utah Valley. This felt like a business trip. Their goals were to remain undefeated and come out of the duel healthy. They did just that. You could tell in some matches that the elevation got to a few wrestlers but all-in-all the wrestlers looked good. Here are the match results:

125: Kase Mauger (Utah Valley) Dec. Caleb Fuessley (ISU) 10-9

133: Zach Redding (ISU) Fall. Kobe Nelms (Utah Valley) 2:34

141: Ty Smith (Utah Valley) Dec. Drew Woodley (ISU) 5-0

149: Paniro Johnson (ISU) Dec. Isaiah Delgado (Utah Valley) 5-2

157: Jason Kraisser (ISU) SV-1 Tyson Humpherys (Utah Valley) 4-2

165: David Carr (ISU) Fall. Danny Snediker (Utah Valley) 1:03

174: Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley) Vs. Carter Schmidt (ISU) 6-2

184: Marcus Coleman (ISU) Fall. Hunter Morse (Utah Valley) 1:12

197: Yonger Bastida (ISU) Dec. Evan Bockman (Utah Valley) 5-3

285: Sam Schuyler (ISU) Maj Dec. Chase Trussell (Utah Valley) 12-3

In-Depth And Key Notes In Duel:

Overall, the Cyclones got what needed to be done and came out with a victory. with a few hiccups here and there, everything seemed to be smooth and no real upsets happened in the duel. In fact, some positives came out of this duel. Let's touch up on a few of the key matches.

Zach Redding, David Carr, and Marcus Coleman all got pins in the first period. These guys were there to get the job done quickly and quickly it was! I was very happy to see Zach Redding out there in full force and manhandling his opponent. It’s refreshing to see that we have a deep weight class at 133. Sam Schuyler also looked extremely dominant against his opponent.

Weight Classes 125, 141, and 174 did not have their starters in but instead, Zach Redding, Drew Woodley, and Carter Schmidt took their places. Carter Schmidt really impressed me since he took on the #7 guy in the nation and he had a very aggressive attitude. It was a pleasant surprise to see Schmidt being aggressive and not backing down.

Caleb Fusseley and Jason Kraisser had nail-biter matches. Unfortunately, Fusseley was one point away from winning his match. Jason Kraisser had different plans though. Kraisser had a dominant 3rd period riding his guy all the way through sending it into overtime. Kraisser pulled it through and got the final takedown.

Yonger Bastida had a tougher matchup against Evan Bockman. Even though Bastida looked like the aggressor and was taking a ton of shots, Bockman was defending the shots efficiently and only let a Bastida get a couple of takedowns. You could see that Bockman was gassed after the 2nd period because of the flurries that Bastida was doing against him.

Iowa State will now have an off week. The following week, Iowa State will take on Oklahoma and Oklahoma State which will be the beginning of the tough stretch of tough teams. Sam and I will be preparing you and giving you all the details coming up on our Sudden Victory podcast. The link to it will be provided below. Jump onto to discord or listen to the podcast as we will update you with everything Cyclone/wrestling related! We release a new podcast every Thursday!



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