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The Mid-Morning Dump: T***** H*****

So, uh, Anything Going on Tonight?

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DOLLA DOLLA BLLS YALL A little birdie told me that the student section will have some of their own NIL money to throw around as the Texa$ Longhorn$ come to town.

WHITE-OUT Snow isn’t expected till later this week, but the white-out will come early in Ames.

BEEN THERE Adam Haluska shares some insight on what Tyrese Hunter could expect in maybe the most hostile environment Hilton Coliseum has ever produced.


BIGGEST GAME OF THE SEASON A top 12 matchup, a top 5 homecourt atmosphere in the country, the best conference in basketball, a game that involves betrayal, revenge, drama, and it’s all hidden on a shitty streaming service. Laughable.

STORYBOOK ENDING It would be objectively funny if the GOAT’s last game was a snooze fest loss in the opening round of the playoffs.

UH, YA THINK? Here’s a stat, Texas Tech, the worst team in the Big 12, has a better BPI than the average of the Big 10 conference, the second-best conference. Big 12 is the best conference, ever.

WILDCARD WEEKEND Is over, but eight teams remain. Here are five big takeaways.

HALFTIME We are halfway through the NBA seasons as all teams have played their first 41 games, here are the award winners if the season ended today.

BRACKETOLOGY As March gets closer, Iowa State moves up to a 3 seed in Joey Bracket’s newest projection.

JUST ANOTHER GYM I had a pretty cool weekend road trip.