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Five Cyclones Place In The Southern Scuffle Tournament

After the New Year, Iowa State is looking to get some experience in key spots.

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14 Cyclone Wrestlers Went To The Southern Scuffle, Only 5 Place

It was an eventful tournament. It still brings up some questions in some weight classes. let's begin with who did place.

Zach Redding 133 pounds: 5th place

Ramazan Attasauov 133 pound: 7th place

Grant Stotts 165 pounds: 8th place

Julien Broderson 174 pounds: 8th place

Joel Devine 184 pounds: 6th place

This tournament was eye-opening in some key weight classes

Let's start with the 133-pound weight class. Ramazan Attasauov was the number 2 seed in the tournament. Zach Redding was not seated at all. Redding in my opinion had a harder seat than Attasauov but outperformed him getting 5th place. What was eye-opening to me was Redding beat Kurt Phipps from Bucknell 6-2 but Attasauov lost to him 7-4. I believe the battle for 133 is not over.

At 157, our starter, Jason Kraisser was knocked out of the tournament but to be fair, Kraisser had a tough draw and fought back as much as he could. He got the number 1 seat Kendall Coleman of Purdue in the first round. He only lost 5-2. He turned around and one of his matches pinned Issac Judge to knock him out of the tournament. I don’t expect much controversy in this position as I believe Jason is the top dog in this weight class

174 was a bit disappointing to see. I thought that Julien Broderson would have a deeper run. I’m not concerned about anyone taking his spot as he wrestled MJ Gaitan and beat him 7-2 in the tournament.

at 184, Joel Devine looked the part there. He looks very comfortable in this class. He will need to build up a bit of muscle as some of the guys out-muscled him in key matches. I fully expect Joel Devine to try to take over the spot next year since this is Marcus Coleman's last year.

Even though there were some questions that were brought up in this tournament, I fully enjoyed watching 2nd and 3rd string wrestlers who don’t get these opportunities to come out and show what they can do. Grant Stotts really took advantage of this opportunity and got a place on the podium. Another wrestler that really stuck out was Andrew Huddleston who wrestled at 157. Really did a great job just came up short to place.

Up next is Wyoming on January 7th and Arizona State on January 8th both on ESPN+ and at 1:00 P.M CT. don’t forget to listen to Sam and I’s podcast that comes out every Thursday, Sudden Victory Podcast.