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The Mid-Morning Dump: Farmageddon

A battle atop the Big 12

LET’S GET IT Kansas State, ranked 5th, comes to Hilton tonight. The outcome could have a lot to do with the player shown in the graphic.

PREVIEW Our very own CyHusker put together the preview for tonight’s game.

TWISTER SISTERS Both teams stay put in the rankings, with huge opportunities to move higher up with some pivotal home games this week.

RUNNIN’ All we do is have ranked teams in everything. Indoor track comes in ranked ninth in the country.

KEEP ‘EM COMING The devil works hard, this Cyclone recruiting staff works harder. I absolutely love the game that Dwayne Pierce brings. A defensive minded THT, or baby DeAndre Kane are my comparisons off the cuff.

YEAR OF THE NOT BLUE BLOODS Kentucky is down, North Carolina imploded to start the season, Duke lost to 1-7 Virginia Tech. And now Kansas drops three straight in Big 12 play.

GOODBYE BAMA Bill O’Brien will reunite with Bill Belichick in New England after two years of being the offensive coordinator at Alabama.

SHUT UP My weekly rant goes to anyone trying to discredit Brock Purdy. Shut up. You literally cannot have a better start to an NFL career than what he’s having. His team is talented, and so is he. Shut up.

A-PORTOBELLA-LYPSE The Last of Us has made its silver screen debut on HBO, to mostly positive reviews. But, uh, we can’t actually turn into fungal zombies someday, right? RIGHT!?

ALL-STARTERS Holy S***. We may be less than a month away from the first Iowa State Cyclone to start an All-Star Game. AND takes snaps under center in the FREAKING Super Bowl. What a time to be alive.

DRAFT DAY KOC’s 2023 draft guide is here. Press on the link, if nothing else, for the hilarious draft comparisons. For example, Kris Murray’s comparison: Left-handed Keegan Murray.