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Wrestling Preview: Iowa State Hosting Oklahoma

Oklahoma is looking to come back victorious after being shellshocked last year by UNI and Iowa State

Syndication: The Des Moines Register Nirmalendu Majumdar/Ames Tribune / USA TODAY NETWORK

When: Friday, January 27th at 7:00 P.M.

Where: Hilton Coliseum Ames, Iowa

How To Watch: ESPN+

Oklahoma is looking for revenge after Iowa State beat them in Norman, Oklahoma last year 25-6

Oklahoma is coming into Ames for revenge. Last year was rough for the state of Oklahoma. Iowa State and UNI went on a rampage and ripped apart Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in just one weekend. Now, both those programs have a chance to do the same thing. Oklahoma has the first chance to draw blood, but they can take out the #3 wrestling program on Friday? Well, let's look at our lineups.

Projected Lineups

125- Caleb Fuessley or Conor Knopick (ISU) Vs. #21 Joey Prata (Oklahoma)

133- #24 Ramazan Attasauov or Zach Redding (ISU) Vs. #27 Wyatt Henson or Gabe Vidlak (Oklahoma)

141- #19 Casey Swiderski (ISU) Vs. #27 Mosha Schwartz (Oklahoma)

149- #6 Paniro Johnson (ISU) Vs. #19 Mitch Moore or John Wiley (Oklahoma)

157- #27 Jason Kraisser (ISU) Vs. Jacob Butler or Jared Hill (Oklahoma)

165- #2 David Carr (ISU) Vs. #20 Gerrit Nijenhuis (Oklahoma)

174- #23 Julien Broderson Vs. Darrien Roberts or Tate Picklo (Oklahoma)

184- #4 Marcus Coleman (ISU) Vs. Keegan Moore (Oklahoma)

197- #5 Yonger Bastida (ISU) Vs. Seth Seago or Carson Berryhill (Oklahoma)

285- #10 Sam Schuyler (ISU) Vs. #19 Josh Heindselman (Oklahoma)

Thoughts and Notes:

At 125, a new wrestler might be heading out into this matchup. Last weekend, Caleb Fuessley was beaten by our own Connor Knopick in the wrestling tournament. Will that mean a new guy can take care of the 125 weight class until Corey Cabanban heals back up? we will see this Friday!

The 133-lb weight class has been getting spicy. We all know that we have 2 wrestlers who are more than capable of being in the starting lineup, but none have made any headway. That’s until last week when there has been a report that there will be a wrestle-off with Ramazan Attasauov and Zach Redding. We will see who comes out of it. I know that if either Ramazan or Zach is on the mat in the Oklahoma and Oklahoma State duels, Dresser has likely made his final decision on the starter. Stay tuned

I think the match of the night will be Sam Schuyler vs. Josh Heindselman. This is a unique match-up that will come down to the wire. The last time they met up, Sam Schuyler won the match 5-3. I’m sure this is come down to the final seconds.


Iowa State- 31 Oklahoma- 3

Iowa State just has too much firepower, and this doesn’t look like the year OU can get revenge. Iowa State also needs to get this duel done so it can prepare for the Sunday duel against Oklahoma State.

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