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Iowa State Takes Oklahoma Down 25-12

Iowa State fends off Oklahoma and is 4-0 in conference play

Syndication: The Des Moines Register Nirmalendu Majumdar/Ames Tribune / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Sooners could not handle the firepower Iowa State brought out tonight

This match-up was filled with ups and downs. Lots of excitement and (my personal favorite) domination. The first half of the duel was just pure domination by Iowa State but in the second half, that’s when things got a little bit hairy. Let’s dive into the results starting at 157 since the duel started at that weight class.

157: Jason Kraisser (ISU) (SV-1) Jared Hill (OU) 7-5

Jason Kraisser is a ROLLER COASTER RIDE! After Jared Hill took Jason Kraisser down and got back points in the first period leading 4-0, Kraisser stormed back and got it to sudden victory. Kraisser had the final say and got the takedown for the win. I don’t know about you but I need a drink after that thriller!

165: David Carr (ISU) ( Major Dec.) Gerrit Nijenhuis (OU) 19-6

David Carr is continuing his rampage and I would be very afraid if I were going against him. Gerrit Nijenhuis tried to get in his way and it didn’t phase him at all. David is looking dominant and I don’t think many people are going to be able to stop him.

174: Tate Picklo (OU) (Dec.) Julien Broderson (ISU) 3-2

Julien Broderson came up short in this matchup against Tate Picklo. Both wrestlers were reluctant to take shots but Picklo finally got the takedown and secured the win. Hard loss for Julien Broderson.

184: Marcus Coleman (ISU) (Fall 5:50) Keegan Moore (OU)

Marcus Coleman is just starting to turn up as he gets the fall over Keegan Moore. He is looking aggressive and like an All-American talent. Look for him to continue this pace as he is heading into February-March.

197: Joel Devine (ISU) (Dec.) Carson Berryhill (OU) 9-3

Joel Devine got the nod to wrestle at 197 and looked dominant in the match. Devine got Berryhill in a cradle (HE WAS PINNED) and got back points. After that, the match was in Devine's control. Very happy to see him get this win. AND NO, Yonger Bastida is not hurt.

285: Sam Schuyler (ISU) (Dec.) Josh Heinselman (OU) 2-0

Sam Schuyler is looking more and more impressive as the season continues. He may have only won by 2 points but that is extremely deceiving. Schuyler was dominant from start to finish. One of the most impressive things I saw was Schuyler riding Heinselman so dominantly. He put a bow and arrow move on Heinselman and absolutely put excruciating pain on him. He rode him out for the whole second period and he was in on multiple shots the whole entire match. Surprised Heiselman wasn’t dinged for stalling more. Schuyler is looking really good.

125: Joey Parta (OU) (Dec.) Conor Knopick (ISU) 2-0

Knopick got the nod at 125 and was in a tough battle with Parta. Unfortunately, Knopick gave up a reversal that eventually gave Parta the match. Very raw young man but see lots of positives in him. We will need him to continue to improve throughout the season as we will be without Kysen Terukina and Corey Cabanban (Until he comes back in February)

133: Zach Redding (ISU) (Fall 4:11) Wyatt Henson (OU)

Zach Redding gets the nod over Ramazan Attasauov and doesn’t disappoint one bit. He is looking like a man on a mission. He absolutely gave Wyatt Henson a beatdown. That was very impressive for Redding to come out and show why he is the starter for 133.

141: Mosha Schwartz (OU) (Dec.) Casey Swiderski (ISU) 3-2

Casey Swiderski came out without the shoulder brace which is a good sign but still is not looking like himself. although he lost, he is starting to look more aggressive. Mosha Schwartz also looked aggressive and in the end got the final takedown to win the match. I am holding judgment on how Swiderski will handle these last couple of losses.

149: John Wiley (OU) (Dec.) Paniro Johnson (ISU) 6-4

The surprise of the night came when John Wiley upset Paniro Johnson on a last-second takedown. To me, both Swiderski and Johnson are having a rough second half of the season after having a spectacular first half. I will be holding judgment just like Swiderski based on these being just freshmen in a very long season. Lots of ups and downs. can take a toll physically and mentally.

Overall, this was a dominant win but not satisfying enough. I believe there is plenty to clean up before this weekend and tournament time. Still, plenty of time to make improvements and changes before heading into the season finale. This coaching staff will be sure to prepare the guys that need some extra help.

Up next is Oklahoma State at Hilton Colosseum in Ames, Iowa. That will be at 2:00 P.M. on ESPN+. Don’t forget that Sam Phillips and I will be on Discord to cover Iowa State and College wrestling!