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The Mid-Morning Dump: TCU Looks to Win National Title

All praises to the hypnotoad!

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ROAD DAWGS. The Cyclones turned in a gutsy performance to win on the road at TCU.

COMEBACK FALLS SHORT. A tough trip to Norman ends in a loss.

SOARES KNEE INJURY. We will learn more about this tough blow this week.

DOWN GOES ASU. The Cyclone wrestlers won a top-5 duel in Hilton Coliseum.

WYOMING VICTORY. Cyclone wrestling also dismantled Wyoming on Saturday.

CYCLONE TENNIS. They go 8-1 in a nice performance against Washington State.

TITLE GAME PRIMER. Can’t wait to watch this one.

IMPLICATIONS. A TCU victory could have a dramatic effect on college football.

SUPER WILDCARD SCHEDULE. The NFL Playoffs are here, baby.

MAN CAMPBELL’S LIONS. Play spoiler for Green Bay, keeping them out of the playoffs.

NFL WEEK 18 RECAP. Actually turned out to be a banger of a final week.

BRANDON STALEY FOR PRISON. Why you would play starters with a playoff spot locked up?

18 PICKS LOCKED UP. Can’t wait to see how the Bears screw up the #1 pick.

MOCK UP OR SHUT UP. Never too early for a mock draft.

NBA ROUNDUP. Desmond Bane leads Griz over Jazz.

MRI FOR KD. After injuring his knee over the weekend.

MLB RUMORMILL. Lots of moving pieces in baseball.