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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclones Win, Browns Beat 49ers

Rocctober is in full swing

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HUGE ROAD WIN. The Cyclones dominated Cincinnati on the road.

5 BIG PLAYS. From Saturdays win.

WHAT HE SAID. Hear from CMC after the win.

GOOD. The Cyclones were in all 3 phases.

BIG 12 POWER RANKINGS. ISU is on the rise.

HOOPS RECRUITING. Jamarion Batemon likes Iowa State.

TENNIS. ITA Regionals update.

SOCCER. The Cyclones beat Kansas State.

CFB. Winners and losers from week 7.

GOOD BAD UGLY. From the Big 12 from Heartland College Sports.

OREGON. Lost a close one to Washington.

COLORADO. Blew a 29-0 lead. And the refs were tired of their PA announcer.

DISGRACE TO COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Iowa failed again on their drive to 325.

USC IS WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE. They aren’t that good.

CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES. Expert predictions.

IS RUSS DONE? People are saying.

TYREKE HILL. Will be getting fined for this celebration.

49ERS LOSE. And CMC is now hurt.

JIMMY G HURT TOO. Against the Patriots.