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The Mid-Morning Dump: Brock Purdy in Minneapolis for Monday Night Football

Cyclones are back in action this week

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CYCLONE SWIFTIE. Travis Kelce had to wear a Cy mascot head.

EARLY PREVIEW. For the Cyclones game against Baylor.

TRE KING. Nice write-up from Cyclone Fanatic.

STANFORD INTERCOLLEGIATE. The Cyclones finished 15th.

WRASLIN’. Is going to get a sweet new facility.

WRESTLE OFFS. The wrestling season is just around the corner.

VOLLEYBALL. The squad lost to #9 BYU.

BIG 12. Good, Bad, and Ugly.

RANGERS. Rally, force ALCS Game 7.

ALLIGATORS GOT HIM. Interesting write-up here on Ja Morant.

HIDDEN GEMS. 10 NBA players that get over-looked.

HURTS INJURED. Eagles beat the Dolphins.

49ERS PREVIEW. They take on the Vikings.

COLTS-BROWNS. The officials were awful.

KICKED OUR ASS. The Lions got clowned by the Ravens.

JORDAN LOVE. Not going well in Green Bay.

NORTH CAROLINA. Loses at home to Virginia.

TENNESSEE. Had a lead but lost to Alabama.

CFB WEEK 8. Winners and losers.