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This Week in GIFs: Road Win Over Baylor

The Cyclones get out of Waco with another Big 12 road win

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Baylor Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

On to Baylor, everyone’s favorite team.

They did have a great home crowd though.

Normally we look like this after bye weeks:

But the Cyclones came to play, scoring on the opening drive.

Abu Sama fumbled the ball and didn’t play another snap:

Dave Aranda on any 4th down ever:

Chase Contreraz has one heck of a leg.

Malik Verdon looks like he could play center field.

An interception, TJ Tampa ejection, and Baylor touchdown before halftime was special.

Thankfully Cartevious Norton was there to save the day.

Baylor got back into the game late.

Two fourth down stops sealed the game.

The Cyclones survived, got a road win, and are now 5-3.

Up next: Kansas at home at night for possible control of the Big 12?