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Defensive Players to Watch: TCU @ Ames College

Time to see a comeback.


I think Heacock got more fired up after last weekend’s performance than our defense would have liked, but I do not think anyone blames him. Can I also just slap in the Legacy jerseys one more time? I cannot WAIT to see these under the lights at the Jack!

Ames College: Beau Freyler

This one was really challenging for me to choose. I’ve already done the entire secondary, including most of them individually, but TCU is a run focus offense so I was contemplating one of our front six. However, as you can see with the player I picked, I took the linebacker-sized safety that is Beau. And if you don’t know Beau, you probably should.

Beau is currently the Cyclones’ leading tackler with 34 total, one sack, and an interception. The hard-hitting safety will have his work cut out for him in being able to help with run support while also making sure he doesn’t get beat off a play-action. He has been a staple and anchor for a developing yet capable defense (even after last week), but the fear is if he can stay disciplined while coming downhill to hit the ball carrier. We have seen questionable targeting/no-targeting calls throughout college football in recent seasons, and the Cyclones will need him to be in the entire game to help try and contain a top-ten running back.

TCU: Bud Clark

During the preseason, there was a lot of talk of “no one knows who T.J. Tampa is. Bud Clark is the greatest defensive back in the Big 12. Bud Clark will put quarterbacks on notice.” However, Bud’s performance this season has accumulated 17 total tackles, two interceptions, two pass deflections, and a lot of over-hype from last season. It’s neither here nor there on his current trajectory when the offense he will be going up against has all but established a pass-heavy playbook. As a ball-hawk style safety, he will be waiting for those miscues that have appeared with Rocco and his receivers to try and capitalize on their mistakes.

Honorable Mention: Night Game

It’ll be a beautifully crisp October night at Jack Trice Stadium for the Legacy Game. Ames will be in full tailgate swing with a later kick-off which means more time for partying, drinking, laughing, crying, or whatever you’re into pre-game. Night games in Jack Trice ever since I can remember have always held special moments and I think this one will be another added to the list. I hope to see you all there and let’s just enjoy the day as a whole! Roll Clones!