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2023 Tailgate Preview IV: TCU

The Jack Trice Legacy Game

The Jack Trice Legacy Game is here. 100 years ago, John “Jack” Trice, Iowa State’s first African-American athlete, penned a moving and inspirational letter in his segregated hotel room before his second collegiate football game. Jack’s life was tragically cut short after he died due to injuries in that game. His words and message have lived on, and his legacy has impacted Iowa State and its football program in every way. The stadium that now bears his name will be the place to be on Saturday as we honor our hero.

Weather: Cool and partly cloudy

This may be the perfect forecast for a Saturday football game. The day will be cool so you’ll be able to don those beautiful Jack Trice striped sweatshirts or your new “Ames” gear. There is very little chance of rain and winds will be light - the perfect weather to be outside all day long with friends and loved ones. By kickoff time, we’re looking at pretty chilly temps, so you may even want to grab a hat.

Food: Jack Trice cereal treats

Did you know HyVee makes a Jack Trice cereal?! HyVee wheat flakes are basically Wheaties, so it’s like he got his own Wheaties box AND cereal. So grab a box (or two...part of the proceeds go to the Trice Legacy Foundation) and whip up some Jack Trice cereal treats. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like cereal treats and they are ridiculously easy to make. I bet they’d be extra delicious topped with chocolate.

Drink: Legend from Peace Tree Brewing

The perfect choice for a perfect day of football. And guess what? A portion of the proceeds benefit the Trice Legacy Foundation. So stock up!

Game: Catch

Grab a football, grab a friend or a kid, and have yourself a nice catch. Tailgating is time well spent with loved ones. Part of Jack’s Legacy is a reminder that life is short, so let’s make Saturday about spending time with each other.

Song: “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan

They play this song in Jack Trice and at the last home game, a video of several Iowa State players singing along at the top of their lungs surfaced on Instagram. It brought me so much joy. Those guys were just plain having fun in a pure, silly moment. I still smile every time I see it.

In a season full of uncertainty, some disappointments, and no shortage of frustration, this reminded me that football is ultimately a game and it can be really, really fun. Let’s have some fun on Saturday.