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Three Things We Learned: BYU

It was a great night in Provo

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Iowa State at BYU Photo by Boyd Ivey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Late Kicks Aren’t Half Bad

Full disclosure, I was really bored most of the day just waiting for the game. That said, the late kick was kind of fun. Twitter/X was bumping, Cyclone fans were partying and things were just going great. Then the game kicked off and it got even better. I could go for one of those a year and no more.

Iowa State Is Right Back In It

While Iowa State wasn’t necessarily out of the Big 12 Championship Game chase after the loss the Kansas, the road was just a little tougher. Now with Saturday going in so many directions, the path for Iowa State to get to Arlington is a little clearer but it starts with winning the next two games. Texas and Kansas State were always slated as two of the tougher games for the Cyclones and it hasn’t changed one bit as of today.

Abu Sama Is Legit

Abu Sama’s names has been mentioned in this article series numerous times this season. He once again gets the nod this week after an 8 carry, 110 yard and two touchdown performance against BYU. While his 59 yard touchdown run put the final dagger in the heart of BYU, it was his first touchdown run that made pop out of your chair. Sama took the BYU defender and juked him in a phone booth and made him look silly. It’s one thing to get a guy like that in the open field but to jukes a guy out of his shoes that is in position to tackles is something else. This kid is going to be something very special for this Iowa State offense.