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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 11

Texas, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma all escape potential upsets.

1. Texas (10-1) (7-1 Conf.)

Lots of the public saw this past week as an opportunity for the Longhorns to drop the ball. Instead, they answered the call and went into Ames under the lights to defeat Iowa State. It was a group effort, with winning in the margins and not allowing their mistakes to hurt them. Now a home win this week will clinch Texas a spot in the Big 12 Championship Game.

This Week: vs. Texas Tech

2. Oklahoma (9-2) (6-2 Conf.)

The Sooners traveled to Provo, Utah where they met an underrated opponent. The Cougars put up a fight all game long, but the story of the week was how upsets justttttt missed their chances. Oklahoma forced three turnovers including one from inside the 5-yard line, as they helped secure the win.

This Week: vs. TCU

3. Kansas State (8-3) (6-2 Conf.)

Just like that, the state continues to be owned by K-State. A lot of people saw this game as the biggest chance the Jayhawks had of coming away with a win. Kansas was even leading 27-16 midway through the third quarter, but the Wildcats just wanted it more. Will Howard had the reins for the entire game and it showed up. He totaled three total touchdowns including mounted his comeback.

This Week: vs. Iowa State

4. Oklahoma State (8-3) (6-2 Conf.)

Down at one point 23-9, the Cowboys looked to be cooked. Ollie Gordon II quickly ran over those rumors with his spectacular game. Gordon rushed for 164 yards and three touchdowns, as he continues to destroy defenses. Houston had their chance, but the Cowboys had more at stack, as they keep their hopes alive for Arlington.

This Week: vs. BYU

5. West Virginia (7-4) (5-3 Conf.)

The Mountaineers end their schedule with the bottom of the barrel that includes Cincinnati and Baylor. West Virginia smacked Cincinnati 42-21 with Garrett Greene scoring four touchdowns and rushing for 154 yards on the ground. Next up is Baylor on the road, but the Bears are in just a bad place right now. West Virginia did not have high expectations this year but they turned that talk around and answered it with a 7-4 record with a chance at 8 wins.

This Week: @ Baylor

6. Kansas (7-4) (4-4 Conf.)

It’s been two very tough losses for the Jayhawks after they hit their high. Bean was rumored to be starting, but it was Cole Ballard who took the snaps under center. He did not help the Jayhawks to say the least, throwing for just 162 yards and tossing two picks. Devin Neal tried his best to keep them afloat with 138 rushing yards and hitting the end zone three times. But Kansas blew their shot and their 11-point lead.

This Week: @ Cincinnati

7. Iowa State (6-5) (5-3 Conf.)

You see the box score and how the offense struggled, you would think Rocco did as well. But a closer look and you see if played quite well vs a very good defense. Rocco threw for 323 yards and two touchdowns. The main problem in the game was the running portion. They totaled 9 total yards which is almost impossible to win with. Texas came to play and it would have taken an almost perfect game from the Cyclones to knock them off.

This Week: @ Kansas State

8. Texas Tech (6-5) (5-3 Conf.)

The Red Raiders are 3-0 since the possum rushed the field during the TCU game. Maybe they would get him to travel down to Austin with them for their next game. After down 14-0 to start, Texas Tech grabbed its breath and answered. A steady amount of offense and defense put UCF on the ropes. The Golden Knights did hit a score at the end, but missed the extra-point attempt to tie it. Texas Tech didn’t let them get another chance at it and secured the victory.

This Week: @ Texas Tech

9. TCU (5-6) (3-5 Conf.)

TCU gets a double win this past Saturday. They keep their bowl chances alive along with beating their rival in a blowout. A 42-17 whomping from the Horned Frogs. Josh Hoover could have done anything from the air, throwing for 412 yards and two touchdowns. He also found himself in the end zone while rushing as well. Baylor continues to be a dumpster fire as well.

This Week: @ Oklahoma

10. BYU (5-6) (2-6 Conf.)

The Cougars needed just one more win after October 21st to secure a bowl game. Instead BYU has dropped four straight games and now have to travel to Stillwater. BYU kept it as close as they could during the game, but they made just too many mistakes to take advantage. Three turnovers and just 173 yards through the air put BYU on the losing side.

This Week: @ Oklahoma State

11. UCF (5-6) (2-6 Conf.)

Each week, this UCF team has found new ways to lose. They blew a 35-7 lead against Baylor, they missed the two-point conversion against Oklahoma to tie, and now this past week they missed the extra point to loss by one. Golden Knight fans have just had a brutal time sitting and watching these end results. The good news? They get Houston at home to end the season with the potential to end the season winning three of their last four.

This Week: vs. Houston

12. Houston (4-7) (2-6 Conf.)

Just a total meltdown for a team that couldn’t live up to the moment. They took a 23-9 lead after getting a safety and vibes were high at home. Instead of keeping all their momentum they blew every chance they got and let Oklahoma State put 43 points on them. That loss also cost them their bowl eligibility as well.

This Week: @ UCF

13. Baylor (3-8) (2-6 Conf.)

What a gross team Baylor is. They have now lost four straight and they just got smoked by TCU. The Bears threw for under 200 yards while not being able to stop TCU from the air. Besides the comeback against UCF this season, there is nothing to look back at during this season.

This Week: vs. West Virginia

14. Cincinnati (3-8) (1-7 Conf.)

It's not been a fun season for the Bearcats in the Big 12 and Saturday wasn’t a fun one either. The Mountaineers dropped 42 points on them while rushing for 424 yards on the ground. Cincinnati had a solid game on offense with 151 rushing yards and Emory Jones throwing two touchdowns. The defense wasn’t able to help at all and that sums up their season as their defense is giving up an average of 28.3 points a game.

This Week: vs. Kansas