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CyHawk Showdown 2023

Will Iowa State finally get this win or will the Iowa walk away with another win?

Syndication: The Des Moines Register Kelsey Kremer/The Register / USA TODAY NETWORK

Iowa State looks to de-throne Iowa as the top wrestling school in the state.

Iowa State smells blood in the water. They know that Iowa isn’t to its full potential because of the gambling scandal and now they are ready to pounce on the opportunity to knock Iowa off the horse they have been on for quite some time. Kevin Dresser knows how important this win means, not only to himself but to the foundation of the Iowa State Wrestling program and they have a real shot at doing it. So without further to do, let's look into the starting lineups and show what Iowa State has to do to win this dang thing.

Starting Lineups

125: #8 Kysen Terukina (3-0) vs. #17 Drake Ayala (6-1)1

33: #19 Evan Frost (3-0) vs. #8 Brody Teske (4-1)

141: #19 Anthony Echemendia (3-0) vs. #1 Real Woods (2-0)

149: #14 Casey Swiderski (6-0) vs. #9 Victor Voinovich III (6-1)

157: #18 Cody Chittum (2-0) vs. #2 Jared Franek (7-0)

165: #2 David Carr (3-0) vs. #5 Michael Caliendo (7-0)

174: #21 MJ Gaitan (3-0) vs. Gabe Arnold (6-0) or Aiden Riggins (6-1)

184: #6 Will Feldkamp (1-0) vs. #30 Brennan Swafford (6-1)

197: #24 Julien Broderson (2-0) vs. #22 Zach Glazier (6-0)

285: #7 Yonger Bastida (3-0) vs. Bradley Hill (5-2)

This is going to be an absolute dogfight. Things are going to get weird and there might be things that help us in both ways so I have no idea where this will lead us. But what I do know is that Iowa is not the big bad boys like were this last decade. Their upper weights took a huge hit when the scandal happened and I know the Cyclones will be after them. Let's look at some key matchups to see the deciding factor in this matchup.

Terukina skyrocketed to #8 after beating an All-American. we will need him to perform to his level against Drake Ayala. Drake did suffer a loss last week so be prepared for a dogfight in this weight class.

133 Brody Teske, 141 Robert Woods, 149 Victor Voinovich, and 157 Jared Franek will be the huge heavy hitters for Iowa. If Evan Frost, Anthony Echemendia, Casey Swiderski and Cody Chittum can keep these guys at bay or throw an upset or two, this will be extremely beneficial to getting a duel win.

David Carr....... Just be David Carr. He will be going against #5 Michael Caliendo but David can handle this man. I could see bonus points potential.

MJ Gaitan might go against Gabe Arnold who is a true freshman. last week, Gabe took out #10 in the national so Gaitan might have his hands full on this one.

Julien Broderson will have good competition against Zach Glazier. This could be the chance that Broderson can stamp his name into the 197 weight class.

The two weight classes that will need to get bonus points are going to be 184 and heavyweight. these two are essential to not only winning their match but winning the dual. Will Feldkamp and Younger Bastida will know this and I expect bonus to come here as well.


20- ISU 15- Iowa

I just believe that Iowa has lost too much to handle what Iowa State has to offer. Will it be pretty? No. Is a win a win? YES! let's just get this off our chest and finally take over being the best wrestling college in the state of Iowa.

You can watch this meet on ESPN. YES ESPN! This is the first time that ESPN has done just a single dual meet. Be proud Iowa State wrestling fans, this is a great accomplishment to be apart of!

Go Cyclones!