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What an incredible win for the Cyclones

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

FARMAGEDDON in the snow was an absolute JOY.

Abu Sama broke it open right from the jump.

It was evident early that no one could tackle.

Because they were playing in what felt like feet of snow.

Will Howard was throwing the ball all game long like:

ISU’S defense on 3rd and 4th down wasn’t great.

But Abu Sama meant it didn’t matter.

That K-State defender really gave Sama a nice boost.

Jaylon Noel is just faster than everyone.

Each Cyclone offensive drive sure didn’t take long.

In the end the defense did just enough to earn the win.

Kansas State fans are blaming footwear.

And the weather.

What a win in the snow to finish 7-5.