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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclone Basketball Season is Here!

Men’s and Women’s teams both in action

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TOUGH LOSS. The Cyclones fell at home to Kansas.

BAD CALL. From Saturday really hurt the Cyclones.

WHAT HE SAID. Hear from CMC after the win.

WRESTLING. Iowa State dominated Cleveland State.

BASKETBALL. Iowa State opens the season today!

SEASON OPENERS. A look back at some past openers.

ADDY IS ASHLEY? The freshman has a familiar game.

BIG 12. Good, Bad, and Ugly.

BAMA. Flattens LSU and is good again.

SINKING OU. Are the Sooners in trouble?

ALEX GRINCH. Has finally been fired by USC.

BIG 10. Likely to suspend Harbaugh.

JOSH DOBBS. Minnesota Vikings legend.

GERMANY GAME. The Chiefs beat the Dolphins.

BENGALS. Are on a four game winning streak.

WEMBY. Has looked good to start the season.

NBA POWER RANKINGS. From early in the season.