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This Week in GIFs: Home Loss to Kansas

That was a stinger

Kansas v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Saturday was the perfect football day, right up until the game started.

A first down turned into a punt which turned into a Kansas touchdown.

Thankfully the KU kicker is terrible.

An official made a horrific call to kill a Jaylin Noel kickoff return at the 31 yard line.

That ref driving home from the game looked like:

The Cyclone offense was stinky in the first half.

The defense kept them in it, and eventually the offense woke up.

Two big-time touchdown drives made it a 21-18 game.

We juicy wiggled.

And then gave Kansas an 80-yard bomb.

KU threw it twice on 3rd down late to seal the game.

The KU offense to our backup safety and corner:

Bowl eligibility has to wait another week.