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The Mid-Morning Dump: Pacers Tie a Franchise Record

ISU Men’s and Women’s basketball is now in full swing.

MORGAN BRANDT. Wins the Cyclone Club Athlete of the Week.

JORDAN HOPP. Tells her story on choosing Iowa State.

CYCLONE LETTERWINNER. Keith Schroeder’s Cyclone Success Story.

TWISTER SISTERS. Decisively beat Butler on opening day.

MILAN AND GILBERT. Boost Men’s team to a dominant victory over Green Bay.

HALIBURTON. The Pacers hit team record 152 points.

CLIPPERS. Harden’s debut ends in a loss.

NBA ALL-STAR GAME. It’s going to the Bay Area.

ANTHONY DAVIS. Feels like his injury scare is fine.

LEBRON JAMES. Says Bronny will be playing soon.

CUBS. Sign a new manager and release Ross.

OHTANI. The sweepstakes have begun.

MICHIGAN. The plot thickens. Whodda thought?

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. Joey Bosa ends with 2.5 sacks against the Jets.

EWERS. Upgraded to Day-to-day.


B1G OOF. MSU drops to James Madison in overtime.