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Three Things We Learned: Kansas

Let down in Ames on Saturday

Kansas v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Jeremiah Cooper is Irreplaceable Right Now

The Jeremiah Cooper injury took center stage on Saturday night, and Kansas picked it apart and Iowa State had no answer for it. Blake Thompson took most of the snaps for Cooper and was picked on all night by Kansas. If Cooper is out for more than this past game, Jon Heacock may need to find another answer there. The Cyclones are one win away from bowl eligibility, so there’s no time to mess around.

Offense Needs To Aggressive All Game

Iowa State got aggressive in the second half on offense. It was too little too late at that point in time. The game felt like it was on life support going into the second half and they finally started to stretch the field. There was a lack of execution and aggressiveness in the first half, and I will argue that was the biggest reason for the loss. With three games left on the schedule, they have to put the foot on the gas right away and keep it there.

Opportunity Still Awaits For Young Team

While the offense had its issues on Saturday, the youth of this team showed a bit in a big moment. They will grow and learn to handle those kind of moments, and there is still plenty on the table for these young Cyclones. With three games to play, the Cyclones are still in the top half of the Big 12 and, though unlikely, a trip to the Big 12 Championship is still technically in play for Iowa State. That alone says a lot for how far this team has come.