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The Mid-Morning Dump: Giannis Is Him

Giannis took on the Pacers by himself, and well, it worked.

GIRLS RULE Nothing like our women’s basketball squad spreading joy this time of year.

SWIMMERS GONNA SWIM The Cyclone Swim team is coming on strong with no signs of slowing down.

DUNK HIGHLIGHTS?? Haliburton had not one, but two highlight dunks in last night’s game.

A BUCKS LEGEND Giannis took the reins last night and never looked back.

VICTOR COMING ON STRONG Wembanyama reached his second 30-point game so far this season.

WILD GAME Short summary: Pacers’ rookie got his first point ever, Giannis had his best game ever, but only one ball can be handed out. Who really got the game ball?

CHICAGO STATE IS BACK! Just another day in College Basketball.