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The Mid-Morning Dump: Brock Purdy, Consensus MVP Favorite

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BLOWOUT. Iowa State beats Florida A&M by 38.

LADIES WIN. The ladies crushed Troy.

EMILY RYAN. Is on a minutes restriction but is back.

CROOTIN’. ISU flipped a South Dakota State commit.

CRAZY CROOTIN’. For ISU, there is a lot of recruiting going on.

WRASTLIN’. Collegiate Duals primer for the #6 Cyclones.

PURDY GOOD. Brock is the odds-on MVP favorite.

PACKERS LOSE. And Vikings fans rejoice.

COWBOYS CRUSHED. The Bills are SO back.

NFL PLAYOFF PICTURE. Following a big weekend.


BOWL TAKEAWAYS. Texas Tech starts the Big 12 off 1-0.

KYLE MCCORD. Is going to Syracuse?

TOM ALLEN. Is back on the sidelines, for Penn State.

CURRY. Didn’t make a 3 for the first time in 268 games.

STARTING PITCHING. The trade market is heating up.