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2024 Early Cyning Day: Cooper Alexander signs with Iowa State

A loaded TE room gets another talented player

Iowa State’s 2024 Early Signing Day continues with Cooper Alexander, a 6’-4” TE from Washington, OK who picked the Cyclones over offers from Tulsa, Colorado, UNLV, Duke, Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, Liberty, Illinois, Washington State, Miami, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma.

Alexander is currently listed at 220 lbs, which is undersized for a Power 5 tight end, but he will grow into his frame quickly once he’s in Reid Kagy’s strength program. Right now he’s a high-level receiving threat that’s very much in the mold of a Ben Brahmer. However, because his playstyle already exists in the tight end room and there are a few other guys that have earned snaps, so early playing time will likely only be possible if he’s a major standout in camp.

That said, keep an eye out for Cooper down the road, as he figures to potentially be one of the next great receiving tight ends at Iowa State