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WRNL Mailbag: Christmas Wish List

A gift from me to you!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 25 Iowa State at Kansas State Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Anyone else struggling with coming up with last minute Christmas gift ideas? I know I was. I needed to get something special for the WRNL readers. And then I looked in the corner of the room and saw the old mailbag collecting dust. So here goes my gift to you. Let’s answer some questions!

Brian: When Purdy wins the MVP do we riot? Do we wait until he wins Super Bowl MVP? Or both?

Iowa State fans are probably a little rusty with the rioting since VEISHEA got cancelled. Best to get a practice one out of the way after the regular season MVP in my opinion. Super Dog is coming back. Clearly Ames is ready to go back to the way things were in 2014.

Brian: How long after Brock wins MVP do we put up something at the football facilities?

Another excellent Purdy question! If you ask me, the better move is to put a Purdy statue in CyTown right next to the Ames Lager fountain that will be commissioned the day Jamie Pollard retires.

Fancy Rex: What’s on your letter to Santa for Iowa State’s Christmas wish list?

I’d love some better free throw shooting for the basketball team, and to finally get to Big 12 play and get over these crappy non-conference games that don’t mean anything. I’m also asking Santa for another awesome kicker from the transfer portal. I ask Santa for beer sales in Jack Trice and Hilton every year, and every year he doesn’t bring it to me. I guess I can still ask for it again anyway.

Fancy Rex: Key players for the Iowa State/Memphis matchup?

It’s gotta be the secondary for me. I’m excited to see the matchup against Memphis’ passing game that averages over 300 yards. TJ Tampa might play (I have no insight to this) but it wouldn’t surprise me if he plays limited snaps, so this will be a good opportunity for some younger guys to get reps as well.

Also, this probably is obvious, but I can’t wait to see what Abu Sama does for an encore after running for 270 in the snow against K-State.

Fancy Rex: What kind of players would you like to see Iowa State target in the transfer portal, if any?

A guy can dream, can’t he? Iowa State seems to have minimized losses in the portal and has most of their projected starters in line to come back. Why not get aggressive? Every team can use more offensive lineman. Another wide receiver that can stretch the field would be great. Plus, looking for another kicker couldn’t be a bad idea after how well Chase Contreraz worked out.

Fancy Bring Me a Beer: Why does Aiden Wyatt look 12 but both Levi and Brownie look 56?

Aiden just graduated and hasn’t experienced the real world yet. Give him a couple years working for Chris Williams full-time and he’ll age like one of those Presidential before-and-after photos.

pseudoSue: How does the school honor the legends of the Campbell era?

I’ve thought about this for awhile and I’m ready to put my take out there. Instead of retiring number 15 or number 28, I’d like to reserve them for the players and let them earn the right to wear them. If you’re an awesome QB, you can wear #15 just like Purdy and Seneca did. If you’re a great RB, you can wear #28 just like Troy Davis and Breece Hall. If you’re a standout PG on the basketball team, you get to wear #11 just like Jamaal Tinsley and Monte Morris.

EmphaticChain: Any discussion on Pollard’s chat with Murph & Andy this week?

For those who hadn’t heard, I would suggest listening. Jamie had a lot to say about lawsuits against the NCAA, Title IX, and the potential endgame with the school paying athletes. It’s no surprise that he’s against it, and basically warned that many sports will be cut/drop down to D3 to afford a football roster, or the football roster will have to get significantly smaller.

I get where Jamie is coming from, and I guess I appreciate him being candid. But I also think he’s doing a bit of fear-mongering. I don’t think any potential changes would be that dramatic.

I guess where I stand is that somehow we need to get away from this current NIL model where collectives exist as pay-for-play vehicles. I don’t think it would make sense to pay full salaries to players, but a baseline level of compensation would hopefully be doable. We were sold NIL as a way for players to appear in commercials or profit from their own merchandise sales, and without any guardrails in place, it has spun completely out of control.

Thanks everyone for the questions via Discord. Enjoy the holidays!